Some more information about our company.

The MGL Naturals Products ranges are: Bath Soaps: African black soap locally known as Alata Samina which treats and prevents minor skin problems. Body Creams/Butters which nourish and enhance the natural skin tone. Hair Food/Pomade which nourish and promote healthy hair growth. Hair Shampoos that deep cleanse all types of hair. Hair Conditioners that nourishes and restores, as well as multipurpose oils. MGL has 20 different finished products with the brand name MGL naturals and tagline Most Gorgeous Look (also MGL). MGL sources about 90% of raw materials locally from determined women in rural Ghana and
MGL does not sell its products only in Ghana but all around the world. These products received PRESIDENTIAL endorsement in 2014. MGL deliberately adopted a policy of training and employing less privileged youth and by being self-financing through reinvesting profits.
MGL identified high rate of unemployment as a developmental challenge, poor market for rural women to sell their good quality natural cosmetic ingredients and unhealthy beauty care products on the Ghanaian cosmetic market. MGL has created income generating activities for many in the production, marketing, sales and raw material sourcing sectors and currently has 15 permanent workers, 31 casual workers, 15 regional sales agents, 4 top distributors, 100,000s of local and international end users.
Society is ‘going green’ in life’s necessities and the demand for natural beauty products is on the increase due to their healthy and safe nature. MGL naturals is gradually becoming a household brand in Ghana, West Africa and performing significantly on the global market.